What you need to learn about Comp Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners regard carpets are one of the basic furnishings that is not used only for design purposes but also for their functionality. In many instances, carpets make the overall design of a room cohesive and distinct, which is why many homeowners deliberately purchase them and try to keep the carpets as elegant-looking as possible.  However, this can only be done if the carpets are well maintained and kept spic and span.

Keeping carpets clean and well maintained can become a challenge, especially if the room is very busy and has so much foot traffic. No matter how much one tries, dirt and even stains will eventually accumulate in the carpets leaving it dirty and drab-looking. Vacuuming every day can help but it is not an assurance that it is indeed clean and still look new. Stains are usually a pain to remove particularly those that are deep seated.

It is recommended to have your carpets cleaned by professionals like Comp Carpet Cleaning. These are cleaning companies who know how to really clean your prized possession and how to make them look like new.

Steps in carpet cleaning

There are different ways to clean carpets but in many cases, there are several processes that your carpets under go when they are cleaned professional.

  • Carpet pre-treatment. In this process, the carpet is prepared and conditioned using some chemical solutions that will make eventual cleaning easier.
  • Carpet Cleaning. This is the part where the carpet is deodorized and where the resurfaced soil and dust particles will be removed. Professional cleaners can use steam or hot water extraction, cold water extraction or dry extraction.
  • This is the last stage of carpet cleaning where the carpet is applied with another solution that will keep you carpets in tip top shape between cleanings. It does not keep the carpets totally clean but it will help carpets looking better until you bring it again for another round of cleaning.



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