What Is A Company Secretary Singapore Doing At Work?

Whenever we talk about office work or the corporate world, we can’t help the fact that we stereotype them with the image of being in suit all the time, black phones, limousine, plus a sexy secretary that comes along with them most of the time. Of course, that image is only made by the movies. So, the real question is what does a company secretary singapore really do in the office.

Apparently, they have a lot of work to do aside from being the main assistant of their main boss in the company. Here are some of their job description.

Works Of A Secretary

Transcriber – whenever there is a meeting, especially when their boss is involved, they need to be present to transcribe what they talk about so that they can check it later in case they need clarification on something or wants to recall a thing they talked about earlier.

43132311 – busy secretary is answering call and writing memo at the same time

Call Receiver – one of the main job of a secretary is to receive the calls in the office, particularly those that are directed to the boss. They need to know the schedule of their boss so that they know whether they are going to disturb or let the caller call again in a later time.

Set Appointments – as the secretary, they need to make sure that they are organized in what they do, most especially in making schedules. That is because they are the ones who is always present during meeting, so they are responsible with the important dates that they need to place down in their calendar.

Assistant – the basic job of a secretary is to serve as an assistant and serve their corporate boss whatever they need. Of course, there are restrictions but that is what they majorly do, especially since they are always seen beside their boss.

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