How to Manage Mattress Cleaning Business

There is lots of emerging laundry business in towns. People are running business like this because many people own mattresses and fabric furniture that cannot be possibly washed at home. This is good income for those who have a business like this.


This type of business started 12 years ago in Europe and now starts to build up in the United States. This business has less competition and very valuable in most areas. To start up a business like this you only need $3000 for a system. Yes, it is cheap and you can acquire more than just one system. Mattress cleaning earns profit easily as compared to other businesses. Before putting up your business, you need to check two things.

  • The state or local regulations and requirements to start the business.
  • Check insurance agent and all the requirements necessary for this business.

You may be interested in checking other businesses similar to this or make an inquiry at the local office to get the necessary forms to submit. This will lessen your expenses and help you understand more what you need to know about the business. You might also discover something important and discover new things that will benefit your business.


If financing is your problem, there are also documents available on how to put a business and you can submit it to banks, investors and business administration to get funding.  Create a business plan and let them evaluate your proposal.


Once financing is set, you can now purchase a system and have it licensed. Start advertising your business and be sure it is free from allergens. This is one way to gain more customers. You can send sales to nearby hotels and hospitals for the cleaning mattress business or post something in the local newspaper. The best way to do is promote your business.