Two Types Of Vaping Unit

Now that you know the things you supposed to understand when it comes the vaping world, it is time for you to select the kind of vaping unit that matches according to your needs. There are two kinds of vape units you can buy online and these are the pen and the box mod types. The difference between the two? Well, the pen type does not produce cloud as much as the box type because most box mod vape units are using two or even more batteries. While on the other hand, pen type only uses one or two batteries.

Pen Type

These types of vapes or e-cigarettes are meant for the ones who are curious about the sensation it produces to the body. Keep in mind that e-cigarettes are not only intended for people who wants to quit smoking. In fact, there are lots of individuals these days who are vaping even though they didn’t like smoking very much. The starter pack would be the best option for those who want to try vaping. Factors of pen type vaping units are :

  • Capable of Sub OMH vaping
  • Temperature control and wattage mode
  • Easy to carry around
  • 110 mAh Battery lifespan

Box Mods

The best box mod on the other hand are for those individuals who find vaping pleasurable. There are beginner box mod you can choose from. It is suitable yet more advanced vaper compared with the starter kit. There are many kinds of box mods online and it is certain that you can find the best box mod for you that matches your satisfaction. Most of these box mods has the following:

  • Comes with Range Sub Ohm coils
  • Vape mods
  • Rebuildable deck
  • KBox Mini Box
  • Top Tank and Mini Tank

As soon as you figured out the type of vaping unit that suits your needs, it is time for you to look for the kind of e-liquid that suits your taste.

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