6 offbeat ways to gain entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurship is a BIG deal. Period. No wonder, the business courses and programs are some of the most expensive today- meant to equip the aspiring business leaders for the challenges of the fiercely competitive commerce world. However, while these high profile courses are really important for booming entrepreneurs, there are some offbeat and really interesting ways to hone up your entrepreneurship skills. Let’s have a look at those.

Plan up a large-scale event

An entrepreneur should learn how to take up responsibilities, manage crisis, meet deadlines, scan out suitable suppliers, negotiate with vendors – all the skills that you can learn and practice with large scale event management. Theme of the event is not exactly important; it could be your best friend’s wedding or your teen brother’s graduation party and so on. Just make sure, it offers you ample scope to mug up your management and decision making skills. Focus on parties where you would have a huge guest list and elaborate arrangements to tackle.

Travel around

Travel is not just for holidaying- in fact, trip to foreign destinations could be a great avenue to leverage your entrepreneurial spirit. There are various ways in which travel can enhance your entrepreneurial skills. First, it will teach you to adapt to a new surrounding which would be a great lesson when you have to adjust with the changing market conditions in your business. Then, travelling would also help you to learn effective money management, especially when you are on budget tours. Besides, traveling fuels the innovator in you by exposing how foreign people do things differently.

Coach little teams

An entrepreneur often needs to don the hats of motivator and coach- two of the most fundamental skills that define iconic business leaders. If you want an interesting way to hone up these principal skills, coach a kiddo league. You can talk to the principal of your school and ask him for the permission to coach the junior league.  A coach is the motivator the team looks up to and the activity would also enhance your skill to choose the right players.

Make friends with people from other cultures

The contemporary business world is defined by a culturally diverse environ both in terms of your employees and clients. To thrive in a culturally diverse environ, you should know about the practices, customs, gestures and protocols of various cultures to avoid misunderstanding in vital business communications. Having cross-cultural friends would be a great help here.

Step to lead

Leadership skill is the most crucial aspect of any successful entrepreneur as he is the person his whole team looks up to. Yes, you will get leadership lessons in your business studies but otherwise leading projects as a volunteer would be a great learning experience for you here.

Check out brain games

An alert active brain is really important when it comes to important business analysis and decision making as a smart entrepreneur. Brain games like puzzles or Sudoku would be really cool to stimulate your grey matter so that it’s quick to adapt with and tackle complicated situations.

At times, you have to look beyond your textbook and try to learn from the surroundings around.


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